Welcome to the Conscientious Consultancy Practice

Our mission is to stimulate and support successful business change in organisations that serve a social purpose.


We do this by offering cost-effective training and consultancy in strategic planning and business improvement, working predominantly with organisations in the health, children's services, education and early years care sectors.

Our services at a glance.



We guide effective strategic planning by:

  • Supporting voluntary and public sector sector organisations in evaluating and re-modelling services to increase resilience against financial and other pressures
  • Advising healthcare and children's services providers on navigating Local Authority commissioning processes
  • Helping new start-ups and established organisations to develop business plans
  • Training schools and nurseries in formulating and delivering successful School Development Plans


We drive tangible business improvement by:

  • Guiding clients in setting and achieving meaningful organisational development objectives
  • Designing and deploying outcome-focused monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Aligning and managing individual, team and organisational performance so all three layers are in harmony


We stimulate change management by:

  • Developing leaders who are confident in planning and executing change
  • Promoting a change culture, with high levels of employee ownership and stakeholder support
  • Facilitating step-change in organisational and individual performance

We work with:

  • New start-ups in defining their business plan and commercial model, to ensure they are set-up for success
  • Established organisations looking to improve performance or strengthen their position through the strategic development of services
  • Organisations facing strategic challenges, such as those needing to secure new funding sources, diversify services or affect a turnaround in performance